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The Brothers' War is designed as an "event set", meaning that its mechanical structure is built around an event rather than a world. In this case, the set revolves around the story of the Brothers' War, a major event in Magic's timeline that was previously portrayed in the set Antiquities and various works of fiction such as the novel The Brothers' War by Jeff Grubb.[6][7] The Vision Design team, working in conjunction with the Creative team, divided the story into three acts: Childhood – We see the brothers growing up together and making a huge discovery that creates a schism, Adulthood – We watch as things escalate into a war that lasts decades and Final Conflict – We observe the ultimate event that ends the war and changes Dominaria forever.[8]

The Brothers' War contains 287 cards (101 commons, 80 uncommons, 63 rares, 23 mythic rares, 20 basic lands), and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. Artifacts with color identity are now numbered with their color, a change from the previous where they were placed like other artifacts, after the multicolored cards. The regular cards include 10 full-art "mech" basic lands that showcase locations and the mechanical behemoths that battled in the war (#278-287).[9][10] Alternate card frames have a different card number than the original version. The Standard legal Jumpstart rares are #288-293, borderlessplaneswalkers, legendaries and pain lands are numbered #294-301. Extended artwork cards are numbered #302-377. The Buy-a-Box card is #378 and the Bundle promo is #379. The dark frame treatment cards from the Universal promo pack are numbered #380-384.

StorylineReturning to a pivotal story of Dominaria's — and Magic's — history, what started as a feud between Urzaand Mishra erupted into an all-out war that set into motion the future of the plane and Multiverse itself. Through the lens of Dominaria's locations, characters, and victims of the conflict, we'll see a plane-spanning conflict escalate with artifacts, giant artifact creatures, and beyond.[4][11] This is the second part of the four-set Phyrexian story arc where the fate of Dominaria — and the Multiverse— is set to unravel.[5] As we follow familiar Planeswalkers traveling to one of Dominaria's key historical moments, we'll learn more about the people and places of the time.[12][13] The fate of the future might be rooted in the past

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