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A beginner's guide to the Digimon Trading Card Game

Evolve your strongest Digimon.

The Digimon Trading Card Game Starter Decks let you jump into the world of Digimon and start battling your friends and foes.

The Digimon Trading Card Game is a great new card game that takes a lot of skill to master. If you haven't been playing competitively yet, it can be hard to understand the fundamentals. This guide will walk you through how to play the Digimon Trading Card Game like a pro.

Collect heroes to take on a dungeon for rewards

In the Digimon Card Game, you build two decks to face your opponent. One standard deck with 50 cards and a Digitama Deck with just five cards. You can only use up to four copies of the same card in your main deck, but effects need to be different even if the card has the same name and index number.

Digimon is a game about collecting digital monsters and the cards that represent them. One of the many things you can do with those cards is use them to build an army on your board and take over your opponent's home turf. To start building, you might pick five of your own cards and put them in the Security area in the middle of the board. Those cards can count as your life points, each one is a point of damage that a Digimon card might do to you when they're brought into play.

If you go first and use big point cards early, the other player will see their Memory Gauge dropping. You can play a card that makes points refil up the gauge, but you'll need to transfer the Memory Gauge over first. Basically, whoever goes first is either using their Memory Gauge really quick or they're in luck.

This card is best used as security because it has special effects that trigger when you place it in the designated zone.

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Passive effects tend to stay as a Tamers' most important power.


This card is an example of your main cards (cards with actions). You can use these to attack the enemy's Digimons or its Security cards.



This card cannot attack or be attacked. It can only evolve your Digimon in-battle.

There are four phases in a gameplay session:

Active Phase

When Digimon are digivolved, they can't be attacked.

Draw Phase

Draw one card during this phase.

The Raising Phase

There are three important choices you can make in this phase. You can hatch a Digitama, move an already hatched Digitama onto the field, or skip the phase completely.

Main Phase

The Main Phase is where most of your actions happen. You can decide to play a card from any of the three card types in this phase. In this phase, you can also attack enemy Diminons or Security cards. Once all the enemies Security cards are gone, any attacks on them will win the game for you.

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